Quality. Creativity. Value.

Vanda Win is a pioneer in the Singapore artificial flowers and plants industry. We started in 1976 in manufacturing, wholesale and retail. Presently, our focus is on retail.

Our vast experience in the industry has given us the opportunity to work in different types of projects. This exposure to a wide market of both suppliers and consumers translates to high quality and latest designs. Some of our creations are timeless, while some are setting trends.

A distinct expertise that we possess is decorations for Christmas whether for corporate, banks, condos, etc and of course homes.

We seek to render quality service to you !

For those who are more artistic, you may want to try artificial flower arrangements on your own.

Materials required:

  • Silk Flowers / Leaves
  • Wire cutter
  • Vase / pot
  • Dry foam
  • Floral tape

The basic steps are:

  • Cut the foam to fit the vase
  • Secure foam with tape or glue
  • Trim largest flowers first
  • Strip off excess leaves
  • Place centre flower to height
  • Fill in with remaining flowers


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