We specialize in providing beautiful high-quality artificial Christmas trees and accessories. If you do need help in picking the right Christmas tree and ornaments for your home or office, we would be glad to lend a hand!

Over the years we have worked with customers to achieve their dream Christmas set-up. Here are some FAQs to help you in your Christmas shopping!

Yes we do! You can arrange for us to deliver fully decorated Christmas tree (please view the “Decorated Trees” section), or just have the items delivered in boxes and you set up the tree yourself.

Drop us an email with your name, contact number, company name (if applicable) and your request and we will be in touch with you.

* Location location! First, decide where your Christmas tree is going to be. We recommend that you set up your tree in a visible spot for all to admire but it should away from the ‘high traffic area’ to prevent folks from bumping into it by accident. Don’t forget about the wires! The tree lights will need to be connected to a power outlet and wires will need to be tucked away to prevent any mishap.

* How fat is my tree? Measure both the ceiling height and width of the space designated for the Christmas tree. Many people forget to take note of the width. For typical Singapore apartments, 6ft (1.82m) and 7ft (2.13m) Christmas trees are the most popular. In the event of space constraint, consider the 5ft (1.52m) tree or a slim tree. If you are intending to buy an 8ft Christmas tree (or taller), do ensure that there is sufficient space.

* An evergreen tree or themed tree? Decide whether you would like a green tree, or a ‘special theme’ tree eg. a white tree.

* Think ‘long term’. We have seen many customers buying a little Christmas tree to match their toddler kids. However, they soon realize that their kids outgrow the tree very quickly, and found that they need to buy a regular size tree to replace that cute little tree. That’s why we only carry Christmas trees with a minimum height of 5 feet (1.52m).

* Quality endures. Keep in mind that a Christmas tree is meant to be displayed for everyone to view. Although price is important, it is even more important to get a beautiful good-quality tree, one that will continue to look grand and beautiful 3, 5 or 7 years later. You could ‘save’ a few dollars now, but you may have to live with your decision over the next 5 years or so. Of course, if the tree (not ours) is of inferior quality, it might not even last till the following Christmas.

* What is good quality? There is a wide range of quality and price of artificial Christmas trees. How to tell whether a Christmas tree is of good quality? Look for trees with branches hinged to the trunk; makes it so much easier to setup and keep, compared to trees with individual ‘hook’ branches. Look at the sturdiness of the trunk and how bushy and beautiful the leaves are. (The weight and size of the box for the tree will be a good indication of the quality & density of the tree.) Overall the Christmas tree must look good even before any ornaments are put on it !

1) Fix the base, and set up the tree.

2) Spread out the leaves.

3) Put on the lightings. Push some of the lights “inside” the tree i.e. not just on the outer surface of the tree. The overall trick is to place the strands of lights “loosely” around the tree. Be careful not to have the strands entangled.

How much lighting? A rough guide would be:

5′ tree – 2 boxes of lights;

6′ tree – 4 boxes of lights;

7′ tree – 6 boxes of lights;

(1 box of lights is  100 LED bulbs)

4) Finally, hang the ornaments. The bigger ornaments can be hanged deeper “inside” to create depth within the tree, whereas the smaller ornaments are hanged on the surface.

5) If the Christmas tree is placed at a corner, you need only to decorate and light 3/4 of the tree.

In this season of giving, spend some time to create a warm Christmas atmosphere for you and your loved ones to enjoy

Happy shopping! 🙂

From our team at Vanda, have a very merry Christmas!

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