Project Gallery

Below are just a glimpse of some of the work which we have done.

We hope to include the ones done at your workplace or your home in the near future.

Restaurants & Cafes

A restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage. Of course food takes the spotlight, but we believe the ambience and mood at the restaurant are equally important to the guests’ overall rating of their dining experience. The lighting, the music, the spacing … and our artificial plants and flowers!

Commercial Buildings / Condominiums / Showflats

Although live plants are well liked, situations and locations aren’t always suitable, if for example the areas are hard to access or have low light levels. Artificial plants are a good option, nowadays they are often so life-like that they look like the real thing and require very close inspection to tell them apart.

Using artificial trees allows flexibility with the creation of a unique tailor made interior landscape.

Offices & Corporates

Installation of our artificial plants at the entrance to your office makes a great impression.

As they say, first impressions last a very long time, and visitors and guests to your office will remember the positive and conducive atmosphere at your office.

Exhibitions & Events

Artificial plants and flowers will definitely liven up the setting for events and exhibitions.

Chinese New Year

Auspicious (artificial) trees, plants and flowers are the hallmark of the season, heralding the arrival of the most important festival for the Chinese community!


Studies have shown that businesses and stores decorated for the Christmas season create a positive feeling in staff, customers and visitors. They feel more at home. People feel more relaxed and friendly, productivity improves and shoppers tend to buy more at the stores.  Takes a bit of planning, but it’s all worth it.


Nothing gives the perfect room the finishing touch quite like flowers. While fresh flowers look beautiful when newly arranged, they inevitably droop after a few days. The solution? Go faux.

Gone are the days when artificial flowers look fake and synthetic; our flower arrangements look so real even your friends and relatives would not know the difference. And they do not droop (referring to the flowers 🙂 ), even after months or years.

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